Appalachian Telemark Association

The Appalachian Telemark Association (ATA) is a loose confederation of free-heel skiers whose purpose is to promote the sport through social gatherings, instructional workshops, and races. ATA events are usually held at Seven Springs Mountain Resort (PA). As a member of the Western PA Ski Council (WPSC), ATA members can participate in WPSC-sponsored events including races, gate training, social events and ski trips.

Click HERE for a 2019/2020 application to join the Appalachian Telemark Association.

Aspiring telemark instructors can apply HERE for an ATA Scholarhip to help offset education expenses.

News and Upcoming Events

The Seven Springs "Freeheel Festival" date is TBD. Seven Springs will be the official organizer with support from ATA. Kapper has tons of great stuff for the chinese auction. Click HERE for details.

Post your used ski gear for sale on the GEAR page and find it a new home. Or better yet, donate it to ATA to help introduce others to the sport. Send an email to the webmaster with the info.

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